Self Managed Superannuation

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Looking at running your own superannuation fund? Thinking of borrowing inside of your SMSF?

Borrowing within Self Managed Super Fund Loans can be complex! If the property loan (bare trust structure) is not set up correctly, you could end up paying double stamp duty when paying down the loan. Furthermore, due to the nature of the limited recourse loan, it is diligent to ensure all the structures within the fund are set up correctly from the get go.

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In our appointment I will go through the benefits and risks of running your own fund and help determine whether an SMSF is appropriate for you

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We provide a suite of services in providing unbiased expert financial advice:

  • Self Managed Super Loans, establishment, and administration
  • Financial Planning for Doctors, Medical Professionals and Business Owners
  • Wealth Protection Advice
  • Financial Advice for Divorcing Couples
  • Retirement Pension & Centrelink Advice
  • Financial Advice for Home Buyers (Mortgage Broker Perth)
  • FIFO Exit Strategy

About Our Services

Our take on financial advice is a little different to most other firms. We take more of an academic approach to the process of financial advice and with our primary consideration to ensure your best interests are taken into account. 


I am authorised to provide financial advice through MyPlanner Professional Services Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian Financial Services Licencee (AFSL 425542)



   Our qualifications             

  • Masters Degree in Applied Finance and Investment

  • Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning

  • Graduate Certificate in Australian Mig Law

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law & Legal Studies) 

   Our Licences

  • Accredited Senior Financial Adviser

  • Accredited Self Managed Super Adviser

  • Registered Financial (Tax) Advisor 

  • ASIC Authorised Rep # 344255