(65+ Year olds)

Longevity Planning/Minimising Risk/Aged Care Advice

For some this will this will be the first time to you establish an action plan for your future 'after-work' income. We are here to ensure you make smart decisions with your money to minimise any risks, plan for (and minimise) taxes, and ensure we are ontract to hitting your retirement goals .

  • Dynamic Pension Withdrawals - We take into account how financial markets have performed and adjust the draw down strategy to minimise any longevity risk - the risk outliving your pension
  • Estate Planning - Advice on managing your assets in the best possible way
  • Retirement Income Advice - We provide advice to those receiving part or full age pension payments on maximising entitlements 
  • Aged Care Advice - Offering a clear understanding of the costs, advice on Aged Care residential bonds, daily accommodation payments and estate planning issues
  • Long Term Tracking - We monitor and review your assets and situation on a regular basis to ensure they are hitting the milestones we need them to hit.