(50-65 Year olds)

Planning Your Long Term Income/Minimising Risk/Tax Planning

For some this will this will be the first time to you establish an action plan for your future 'after-work' income. We are here to ensure you make smart decisions with your money to minimise any risks, plan for (and minimise) taxes, and ensure we are ontract to hitting your retirement goals .

  • Development of a 'One Page Financial Plan' - A financial roadmap that quantifies the assets and superannuation needed to fund your retirement.  
  • We look at tax effective salary sacrificing and investment strategies that suit your investment risk tolerance to build wealth while minimising future tax bills
  • We plan and invest your assets to minimise any long term tax issues while maximising any potential government benefits
  • Debt Reduction - We look at strategies to to enable all debt is paid off prior to retirement
  • Long Term Tracking - There is no point in having a plan if you are not sticking to it!